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5 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Bottom Line

As business owners, we’re always looking to boost business, increase sales, and bring value to our customers. But in a world of fast-paced living, social media advertising, and tight budgets, where do you even begin? Below are 5 tips to get you in the know-how of all things business and get your marketing game in full swing.



Communicate With Previous Clients

Although you may think the only way for more business is new clients, your previous customers are your best resource. Previous clients have already worked with you, know your process, trust your insights and opinions and you already have a relationship established with them. It's a win all around.

If you already have a trusted relationship established, they are will readily share their frustrations, projects, and vision with you. If you are willing to listen to them, you may be able to then offer them you're services or solutions to some of their problems.

Have a Referral Program

This is again, where your previous clients are your greatest resource. It's a great idea after you have completed the projects or services for your client to send a follow-up e-mail and mention your referral program. Take time to think it through and decide on a referral program that you yourself, as a customer would enjoy receiving. Perhaps it could be a visa gift card for $50, a pair of tickets to a concert, or a gift card to a specific store. Keep in mind the industry you are in and keep your gifts tailored to the specific industry you are reaching.

Use Social Media

Now, with nearly 3 Billion social network users, social media is an incredible platform to advertise who you are as a company, your services, and your products or services. Use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to your advantage. If your industry is fitting, Pinterest is also a great resource. Take your time and find your niche and personal style for your post and social media content. Be specific to your audience and be consistent with your posts. Social Media is a great tool for potential customers to get to know you on a more personal level.

Raise your current prices

I know, you're probably thinking this is the last thing you want to do to get more business and increase your interest. When you assess your prices, this enables you to sift out the people who 1, don't want to pay the price you are worth and 2, realize what you're worth as a company. When you begin to realize the worth you have as a company the potential clients that you may lose because of your price increase don't affect you as much anymore because you know you'll be working with clients and customers who know your worth and are willing to pay you for it.

Although increasing your prices seems like something you won't want to advertise, be sure that your previous clients and potential customers are aware of the coming price rise. This will give them a chance to hire your services before the price increase and may be just the push they need to decide if you're the right company for them.

Ask for Reviews

This one is a big one. Reviews really are the unbiased opinions of your previous customers and are either highly effective or extremely damaging for generating new customers. If you have quality products, services, and customer service then you have nothing to worry about. But be sure to listen and take an honest look at any negative reviews or feedback you may receive.

Reviews are also a great advertising tool to use on your website or social media accounts. People are often more persuaded by what other people have to say about your company than what you have to say about your own company.