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Key Strategies for Marketing Your Brand in 2019

Written by Darci Ellenberger

It seems like every time you turn around the internet has taken off in a new direction. Each time we think we’ve reached the limits of what it can do.

So what are the key steps you need to know for marketing your business in 2019? Here are 7 essential actions that will build your brand and put you a step ahead of the competition:

Invest in Video

Video marketing is a must for businesses in 2019 for many reasons. The human brain is hardwired to pay attention to movement, making video the best way to catch a new customer’s eye as they’re scrolling. 

Additionally, it’s an easy way to learn about a product. When it comes to video marketing, content matters more than production quality and users want video that explains your product well. 

Video also encourages social shares and increases the amount of time consumers spend on your website, thereby improving your search engine ranking. With all these upsides, a brand would be foolish to overlook the value video can bring to it.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Although it’d be nice to build your website and never have to worry about it again, it’s important to make sure it’s constantly evolving. 

This doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your website every couple of months. It’s good for returning users to be familiar enough with the layout to navigate your site easily but updating it with customer stories and reviews, current blog content, and optimized landing pages will keep it feeling fresh and authentic.

Using services like Google Analytics will help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Maybe you have a page with high traffic AND a high bounce rate. If a page is getting a lot of traffic but not holding it, that could show you that users aren’t finding what they are looking for on that page. Based on that information you can adjust your content and optimize your customer experience.

Invest in Online Marketing

If there were an Internet Monopoly board, Facebook and Google would be Boardwalk and Park Place— high value properties you shouldn’t pass up buying! Consumers are spending more time than ever staring at screens so Facebook Business, Google Ads and similar platforms (like YouTube Advertising and Instagram Business) are fantastic options for gaining potential customers. 

These platforms allow you to target your audience very specifically, thereby saving you from wasting money showing your ads to consumers that are unlikely to be interested in your product. 

Once your ad campaign is set up, you can monitor the analytics and make adjustments to improve an ad’s performance. You may decide to switch up your visuals, your audience, the time of day users are seeing your ad, etc., until you are positive you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Invest in Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software may sound complicated but its entire purpose is actually to make your job easier. Software like Hubspot (which is what we use here at True Co.) will help you to better target potential customers and generate high quality leads for your sales team. 

It will also give you a better idea of how customers are moving through your sales funnel and whether tweaks need to be made to the process. According to HubSpot, utilizing marketing automation software can increase your qualified leads by 451%!

Create a Solid Email Campaign

Standing out in the era of “inbox infinity” is no easy feat. You may even be tempted to think email marketing has become outdated, given the growth in recent years of video and social media marketing, but that’s hardly the case. Email is still the #1 internet marketing platform and not something you can afford to overlook. Delivra made a great infographic explaining why:

Your brand’s email list can be one of your most valuable lead sources and a great email campaign is key to capitalizing on those leads and minimizing your unsubscribe rate.

Create Consistent, High-Value Content

In order to grow your audience and build your brand, it’s vital that you are creating quality content on a consistent basis. A sudden lull in fresh content can decimate your audience and take months to recover from. 

If you’re having trouble generating new ideas on your own try monitoring headlines pertaining to your industry and build content that responds to current events in your field. 

Another great way to combat idea fatigue is a content calendar. You can create your own or use marketing automation software like we mentioned above to build one. Hubspot breaks down the ins and outs of content calendars in more detail here.

Listen to Your Customers

Understanding your customers and their needs is key to building your business and creating brand loyalty. Luckily, the internet has made getting to know your customers easier than ever. 

Whether through direct feedback on a platform like Twitter or through behavioral data gathered using a tool like Google Analytics, building accurate buyer personas has never been more accessible than it is in 2019. By putting this information to good use both before and after a sale, you can create more engaging content and optimize your customer experience.

Following these 7 steps in the new year will help you meet and exceed your goals and usher your brand into 2019!