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7 Ways to Boost Referrals for Your Contracting Business

Written by Josh Beiler

Customers are important to any business and broadening your client base is something also significant. By having your established clientele refer new customers it helps to broaden your consumer base while knowing your current customers are happy with your services. Below you will finds 7 ways to boost referrals within your consumer base, starting with the customers you already have.

1. Have Quality Customer Service

When it comes to heightening your customer base passing out flyers may be helpful, but using the resources you already have available can also be effective: yourself and your employees. If you treat your customers well by practicing great customer service and going above and beyond for every guest, ensuring they have the best experience possible, then they will be sure to refer you to their friends and family. It’s like free advertising!

2. Offer A Referral Incentive

The best way to boost referrals is to offer a gift or discount with every referral! You don’t need to break the bank on this one, but go ahead and place a limit on the incentive. Maybe the first fifty customers to refer someone gets a gift card or for a week. If customers refer two clients they get a specific discount. This will draw the attention of you current clientele and encourage them to bring new heads to your business.

3. Give A Small “Thank You” Gift To New Customers

If the first two options don’t appeal to you try limiting a gift to just new customers. To get to word out try an ad on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or a flyer around town to market your new incentive. You can give new customers a discount or even a gift, thanking them for their business and hoping they will continue to come back.

4. Use Automated Email Marketing

By creating a email newsletter you can keep your customers updated on promotions within your business and market to new clients. By making it easy to sign up for your mailing list on your website, browsing onlookers will sign up, waiting for a deal that interests them. Not sure how to create an email newsletter or email list? Check out mailchimp.com!

5. Have A Clean And Professional Image/Brand

Coming from a consumer standpoint, we all have confidence in giving our business to a company that has a professional image. Knowing this from your customer’s point-of-view will help you strive to have the best image for your company. Having a clean and professional image keeps customers coming back and referring your work because they feel good about your business.

6. Communication Is Key

Having open communication with your employees and customers is key to keeping consumers happy, and we all know happy clients means more referrals. If your employees are not informed about the internal workings of your business then a customer can be misinformed down the line, which could mean an unhappy experience. As for keeping your clients informed on social media and through email inserts you into their everyday life and ensures that they will think of your business the next time they need your type of service.

7. Ask For A Referral

After completing a job with a customer ask them to refer you to their friends. You can do so by promoting your initiatives or by just asking them to promote your work if they were satisfied.

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